Makey Makey Guitar Program

Tween Guitars









For this program I incorporated the use of the makey-makey. First I had the four tweens use these two sites:

I hooked up each of the wires with paper clips and pennies since in my previous program I used food and other items instead. I thought that by using the limited items of paper clips and pennies, it would allow the tweens more time to play with the makey-makey.

After configuring it and playing around with it, the tweens figured out that if one person was using the makey-makey, and if other people connected with him (by touching his arm) that through their connection, they could all use the makey-makey at the same time with using the different wires.

Next, the tweens moved onto the second portion of the program which was making guitars out of cereal boxes and toilet paper/wrapping paper rolls. (If you use toilet paper rolls, you may want to tape them together so they are long enough).

You cut out a circle in the center of the cereal box and a small circle (depending on the size of the paper roll) at the top of the cereal box and tape that shut with the heavy duty tape. At the top of the paper rolls, you will want to cut 5 lines into them so you can place the rubber bands which will stretch to the bottom of the cereal box with tape. (I warned the tweens that if they’re not careful the rubber bands will snap, but I assisted those who were concerned)

Tweens were able to decorate the guitars with paper, markers and stickers which allowed them to be creative with them.


The tween in the yellow held the earth wire and another wire at the same time. While doing this, the other tweens held hands while holding the other wires, and they all became connected.




Saturday, February 15, 2014

Tween Guitars

Dennis Kuhn, Matawan Aberdeen Public Library