Jewelry Making Kit

Jewelry Making Kit
Create beautiful bead, crystal or metal jewelry using the tools in this kit. Jewelry programs are suitable for tweens, teens and adult patrons. This kit contains:
(8) 3-in-1 Pliers (round nose, flat nose, side cutters)
(2) Crimping Pliers
(1) Mini Diamond Needle File set with 5 files
(8) Bead bugs
(8) Mini bead bugs
(9) Bead Mats
(20) Triangle Bead Sorting Trays
*BONUS: The borrowing libraries will also receive one packet containing all necessary supplies to make 10 beaded bracelets. Instructions for the beaded bracelet project can be found here. The packet contains 10 feet stringing wire, 4 different colors of beads, 15 lobster clasps, 26 open jump rings, 26 closed jump rings, and 1 package crimp tubes.

Beaded Bracelet Instructions

Beading Diagrams

Beading Tools


The Jewelry Making Kit is housed at the Matawan Aberdeen Public Library. Contact Jill Stafford at if you have questions about the kit.