Playstation 4 Kit

playstation-4-slim-vertical-product-shot-01-us-07sep16Playstation 4 Kit AKA The Amazing LMXtreme Young Adult Committee Playstation 4 Kit

Note – this kit does not include games for children

This document has additional information about this kit.


1 Playstation 4 console, marked LMX on top corner in Sharpie

1 Power cord

1 USB charging cord for the controller

4 Dualshock Controllers, marked with LMX on the front in Sharpie

1 Playstation Camera

1 Quick Start Guide to tell you how to set up the PS4 to the TV, etc.

1 Earplug Headset

1 HDMI Cable

Please contact Darren Miguez at the Plainsboro Public Library to arrange a pickup date and time for this kit