Puzzle Kit

Harry Potter Puzzle

The puzzle kit may be used for head-to-head puzzle competitions or for a stress relief activity for patrons.

It includes:

__ 2 Harry Potter Pesky Pixies (300 pieces)
__ 2 The New Yorker Dog Reads Book (500 pieces)
__ 2 The Cats of Charles Wysocki – Frederick the Literate (300 pieces)
__ 2 Ravensburger – The Ludicrous Library (500 pieces)

The puzzle kit is housed at the Matawan Aberdeen Public Library. Contact Jill Stafford at jstafford@lmxac.org so set up a pickup date and time for this kit.



Jigsaw Puzzle Competitions (created by Sherry Johnson, Highland Park Public Library)

A jigsaw puzzle competition typically consists of individuals and teams that compete against one another putting a puzzle together. Whoever completes their puzzle first wins! Typically, these events include multiple rounds to determine the ultimate winner, but however you choose to set up the competition is up to you. Here is a breakdown of the basics:

  • Each team receives a puzzle
  • No one gets to see the puzzle until the timer begins – the puzzle boxes are placed face down before the competition starts
  • Individuals or teams try to complete the puzzle faster than the other teams
  • Rounds are for a specified length of time; if there is not declared winner by the end of the time limit, the winner is chosen be the remaining number of loose pieces
  • In the event of a tie, individuals or teams can be given an additional five minutes to work on the puzzle
  • Participants may not use devices or outside assistance while working on a puzzle
  • Two moderators help with the event — one to handle the timer and completion times, and another to observe and ensure that competitors are abiding by the rules
  • Individuals and teams are not allowed to distract or approach team tables when the competition is on progress
  • If opting for multiple rounds, progress by piece count with the top puzzlers proceeding to the next round