T-shirt Tote Bag

“Sewing Machine Basics” program for adults at the Matawan Aberdeen Public Library

This class was geared towards adults interested in learning to sew; therefore, no previous experience using a sewing machine was required. Class began with an introduction to the different parts of the machine, followed by a demonstration on how to sew a basic line of stitching. The six students were then divided so while two students practiced using the machines, the others prepared their tee-shirts for the Martha Stewart Tote Bag project. Once all students had learned to sew a straight line, they again took turns sewing their projects. This tote bag project was chosen because it only required one line of stitching, allowing everyone to successfully complete the project! At the end of class students practiced some of the fancy stitches available on the Singer Curvy.

View instructions on the Martha Stewart website here: http://www.marthastewart.com/266942/t-shirt-bag

What a great way to make something recycled, useful, and good for the environment.